Self Reflecting

I learned most that I’m not a big fan of economics and am glad that my degree is in accounting. I am a very right/wrong type person and economics has very little of that. Most is subjective to interpretation and there are few right/wrong answers. Some of the history was interesting and learning why situations are what they are today. All in all-not one of my favorite subjects and glad to be through this class and graduating 🙂


I think that the course was decent. I am not a big fan of a lot of writing, so to me personally that was a bit off-putting. The technical difficulties and stuff were a little troubling, but you helped me out after meeting.  I think that there were some organization problems, and would’ve liked to see things a bit more clear and concise. The coordination between multiple sites was a little difficult. You have more creative freedom doing the blogs like this, but I think the discussion boards serve the same purpose just different ways of doing things. My “problems” with the course were more to personal preference. I think some people will like the course, and some won’t but I don’t think it has to do with the professor, just personal preferences.

Two Best Posts

I think that my two best posts would be

I think that these posts offer a good look at the real world application of our learnings. They are of course limited to my thoughts and experiences but that is what I can best write about.



Unit 7-What’s the Goal

I think that economic success should be based on society as a whole, not on individuals. Money most definitely can buy some people’s happiness, others it can’t. Individuals are too unique to try and group together and base economic success on individuals. Society should define economic success. Has it eliminated poverty? Homelessness? Starvation? Everyone should have access to the basic necessities for living; housing, food, healthcare, etc. Wants and needs are different. Nobody should need anything. Wanting makes us human and we should have the means and opportunities to work towards our wants. I think economic success should be based upon the standard of living. That means for every single person. If we have people starving, homeless, living in poverty than our economy is not successful.

Unit 7-The Future

I think the future looks bleak. Economically, everything is done in the name of profits. Things that can be done to improve society don’t get done, unless it can be done profitably. Even today there are few “breakthroughs” in medicine. The problem-they don’t try to cure anything. They try to produce a drug that you have to take for the rest of your life and buy from them. Advancements in technology are still dependent on the profit that can be made from it. We could have replaced gasoline engines long ago if companies could find a way to do it and still be profitable. They can’t-the cost of alternate technology is too high and the majority of people would not be able to afford it at the prices it would see to still be profitable. Global warming due to pollution is not improving, it may be seeming to here in the U.S. as laws are put into place to curb factory pollution and stuff. But, it fails as companies just move their factories to China, or Latin America where the laws are lax or nonexistent.

The world needs to unify in some way. Communication and technology have paved the way to a global economy, but until the world is together we are fighting ourselves. Creating laws in the U.S. does nothing if a corporation leaves the U.S. to get around the laws. We need organizations and government that is concerned with the good of people-all people. Even the ones we have today like N.A.T.O., or the U.N. or the World Banks- they are still mainly influenced by the U.S. and have the U.S. best interests in mind, which in turn means they have corporations and profits mainly in mind. Money rules the world, which means the U.S. rules the world, and in a world run by profit the future to me looks bleak.

Unit 7-Income Inequality

I think that income inequality is a key issue today and going into the future. There is enough money in the world to go around, but the sharks want a giant portion with little concern with what that does to everybody else. It is sickening to know that there are people dying of starvation and thirst throughout the world, while the rich of the world are steady banking massive amounts of money. I read an article a while ago about how poorly McDonald’s was saying that they are doing. Yet, in the same article, it stated that they had made $15 billion in the previous quarter. Your corporation made $5 billion a month and you have the nerve to say how poorly you’re doing and great changes need to be made for the future?! When is society going to care about society, and not just themselves? When is a certain amount of money enough? The gap between the rich and poor is growing, and the middle class is shrinking. Soon we will have the rich and the poor; with the poor greatly outnumbering the rich. Yet nothing will change because the rich also control everything, including the government. I think we are headed toward economic disaster, and I think income inequality is at the root of it. This problem also extends worldwide. The same problem within the U.S. also occurs when comparing the U.S. to the rest of the world. We have a much larger than proportion slice of the pie, and most of the rest of the world suffers because of it. I thought we were all taught to share as children, seems we forget it as we grow older.

About Me

Hello, my name is Mark Redburn. I am 37 years old, married, and live here in Lansing. This is my only class this semester and will wrap up an associates degree in business and accounting. Usually I’m pretty tech-savvy but this so far has been a learning experience. Hopefully the class switches over to learning about economics and a little less about creating blogs. No real reason why I took this class. I needed two credits in social science for my degree and this fulfilled that. Good luck everyone and enjoy our learning experience.