Unit 7-The Future

I think the future looks bleak. Economically, everything is done in the name of profits. Things that can be done to improve society don’t get done, unless it can be done profitably. Even today there are few “breakthroughs” in medicine. The problem-they don’t try to cure anything. They try to produce a drug that you have to take for the rest of your life and buy from them. Advancements in technology are still dependent on the profit that can be made from it. We could have replaced gasoline engines long ago if companies could find a way to do it and still be profitable. They can’t-the cost of alternate technology is too high and the majority of people would not be able to afford it at the prices it would see to still be profitable. Global warming due to pollution is not improving, it may be seeming to here in the U.S. as laws are put into place to curb factory pollution and stuff. But, it fails as companies just move their factories to China, or Latin America where the laws are lax or nonexistent.

The world needs to unify in some way. Communication and technology have paved the way to a global economy, but until the world is together we are fighting ourselves. Creating laws in the U.S. does nothing if a corporation leaves the U.S. to get around the laws. We need organizations and government that is concerned with the good of people-all people. Even the ones we have today like N.A.T.O., or the U.N. or the World Banks- they are still mainly influenced by the U.S. and have the U.S. best interests in mind, which in turn means they have corporations and profits mainly in mind. Money rules the world, which means the U.S. rules the world, and in a world run by profit the future to me looks bleak.

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